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We believe it is a fundamental right for those connected to Acumen that their voice be heard.

A Transparent Response to Issues

Acumen operates strict Grievance, Complaints & Whistleblowing procedures, which get to the heart of issues that need to be addressed. All submissions are held in complete confidence, and each is investigated closely at the earliest possible instance. Acumen commits to dealing with such matters with the greatest transparency and integrity.

Grievances ensure that any employee can safely flag workplace issues that are not able to be resolved within their regular hierarchy, or in matters in which they feel unjustly treated. This mechanism ensures that all employees may be heard, irrespective of rank, location or position in the organisation.

Complaints may be made by any person or entity associated with Acumen wishing to highlight an issue of performance. Acumen always welcomes the opportunity to address such concerns, and their underlying causes.

Whistleblowing is the confidential reporting of significant concerns relating to wrongdoing, corruption or misconduct, especially when doing so may put the whistleblower in harm’s way.


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